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Olena has been a registered Patent Attorney of Ukraine since 1999 (Reg. Number 153). She is a member of the Ukrainian Group of AIPPI (the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), the LES (International Licensing Executive Society) and the Ukrainian Association of Patent Attorneys

As is necessary in the IP field, Olena has two Post-Graduate Degrees, one technical and the other in IP Law. In 1978, Olena earned a degree in Maritime Structural Engineering from the Ukrainian Shipbuilding Institute in Mikolaev, Ukraine. She began her career at the Kyiv Shipbuilding Plant in Ukraine where she quickly developed an interest in the workings of the IP section of the Legal Department. After working three years as a Shipbuilding Engineer, she made the move into IP Law and began working as a Patent Engineer whilst securing the education necessary to fulfill her dream of becoming an IP Attorney. Continuing to work at the shipbuilding plant, Olena developed and implemented programs related to patent law and patent protection for Patent Engineers and Department Heads. In 1983 she earned a degree in Patent Law, graduating from the Central Institute for Advanced Training of Patent Experts in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Deciding to further this education, in 1985 Olena graduated from the Central Institute for Advanced Training of Patent Experts in Moscow.

Her educational background has served her well in the field of Intellectual Property Rights, where she has worked since 1981. Olena specialises in the protection of rights in the fields of mechanical and shipbuilding engineering, medicine, physics, computer software, agriculture and communications. She also has a strong background in the protection of Trade Marks and Industrial Designs.

Since early 2001 she has been the Head of the Patent Attorneys Bureau B&Co. in Kyiv Ukraine. In this capacity she works with a list of clients spanning the globe from the U.S.A., United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and many other nations.

In 1992, after the break-up of the USSR, she was offered a position with the newly-created State Patent Office of Ukraine in the Department of Law. From 1992 through 1995 she participated in the creation and development of the first Ukrainian Industrial Property laws and developed and implemented national programs related to patent law and patent protection. She was also involved with inter-governmental activities focusing on the establishment of relations between the countries of the former USSR in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. In 1993 she became the Head of the Department of Patent Documentation and the Deputy Head of the Directorate of Patent Documentation and Information.

In 1995 Olena was forced to choose between two attractive job offers; one as the Head of the Department of Patent Documentation and Statistics in the State Patent Office of Ukraine and the other a Patent Engineer with the largest Patent Law firm in Ukraine, Pakharenko and Partners. Choosing the latter she became the Chief of the Division of Inventions, Utility Models and Industrial Designs.

Early on with the firm Olena took a sabbatical and worked in Kishineu (Chisinau) at the Moldovan Institute of Marketing under the Moldovan Patent Office (Republic of Moldova) where she was involved in research of Moldova's economic and patent markets, based on the national patent statistics. She headed three projects directed to the research of the Intellectual Property market for the Republic of Moldova. Her findings were published in the Moldovan/Romanian journal Intellectus. In May 1996, Olena returned to Kyiv and continued working for Pakharenko and Partners until April 1999 when she became registered as Patent Attorney and joined the Patent Attorney firm IPR Group as a Partner and Executive. Olena remained with the firm until early 2001 when they diversified and she founded B&Co.

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