Trade & Service Marks

Effective as of January 1, 2008

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  Official fee (EUR)Agent's charge (EUR)
1Filing an application for a trade or service mark
one class 250260
each class over one12060
for filing a mark in colour80
If filed in electronic format:
one class 225234
each class over one108
for filing a mark in colour72
Filing an application in the name of more than one applicant:
one class 295260
each class over one156
for filing a mark in colour104
Filing an application with a search report issued by the Ukrainian IP Office:
one class 200260
each class over one96
for filing a mark in colour64
2Claiming convention priority40
3Filing a divisional TM application250100
4Filing amendments to application documents for trade or service marks8080
5Introducing changes of the
applicant's name6050
applicant's address
address for correspondence
agent's address
6Requesting change of the applicant’s name (if this change occurred due to an assignment, transfer, etc.)8080
7Translating and forwarding a formal communication, official letter etc. to an applicant40
8Filing a response to an official letter or action50
9Filing a request for a term extension (for each full and non-full month)2540
10Reinstating a missed term5050
11Filing a response to a provisional refusal200
12 Certificate grantUSD 200150
13Publication of the information about grant of a certificate
if a trademark is published in black-and-white2520
additional fee for the publication of a colour representation of a mark15
14 Verification and forwarding of a certificate40
15 Introducing changes on the applicant’s initiative, to the State Register and Certificate12080
16Certificate renewal (additional 10 years) on behalf of one owner
per one class495150
per each additional class over one50
17Certificate renewal (additional 10 years) on behalf of more than one owner
per one class643.5150
per each additional class over one65
18 Late renewalfees of §§16 or 17 +50% fine50
19 Filing a formal objection against a third party’s application165300
20 Filing an appeal with the Chamber of Appeals against a decision of the Patent Office165300
21Registering a License80150
additional certificate over one80100
22Registering an Assignment of Rights80150
additional certificate over one80100
23 Introducing changes to a registered license80100
24 Translation of the list of goods/services into Ukrainian (per 100 words)16

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