° B&Co — Patent and Trademark Attorneys of Ukraine (fees and charges)


Effective as of January 1, 2008

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  Official fee (EURO)Agent's fee (EURO)
1 Filing an application for an invention
1 to 15 claims 120460
each claim in excess of 1510
If filed along with the text in electronic format
1 to 15 claims 108460
each claim in excess of 159
2Claiming convention priority50
3Requesting an extension of the term for the submission of payment of the filing fee (for each full and non-full month)2550
4Requesting an extension of term for filing a translation of a PCT application and filing the receipt for payment of the official filing fee (per month)2550
5Filing a request for the reinstatement of the missed term for the entry into the PCT national phase in Ukraine80100
6For the extension of the priority rights by two months (in case if the term for claiming a priority was missed)5040
7Extension of the term for filing a request for claiming a priority by 2 months5040
8Extension of the term for the submission of a copy of a priority application by 2 months5050
9Extension of the term for filing a Ukrainian translation of a priority application by 1 full and non-full month2540
10Filing amendments in the application:120100
for each additional claim if submission of a request about amendments results in additional claims10
for each additional independent claim if submission of a request about amendments results in new subject matters370
11Introducing changes of the
applicant's name6060
applicant's address
address for correspondence
agent's address
12Introducing changes in the applicant's name (due to an assignment, transfer, etc.)8080
13Requesting a term extension (for each full and non-full month)2540
14Reinstatement of a missed term (for each full and non-full month between the date of expiration of this term and the date of filing the request)5050
15Requesting the publication of an application before the expiration of the 18 months term5040
16Filing a request for substantive examination
first independent claim495*220
each additional independent claim370*
17Translating and forwarding a formal communication, official letter etc. to an applicant130**
18Filing a request for an extension of term for the filing of a response to an official action, requesting examination, submitting payment receipts (per each full and non-full month)2540
19Reinstating a missed term5050
20Preparing a response to an official letter or action150**
21Filing a response to an official letter or action100
22Filing an appeal with the Chamber of appeals against a decision of the Examining Authority250300
23Converting a patent application into a utility model application (minimum charge)5080
24Converting an application for a short (declarative) patent to an application for a full patent and vice versa5080
25Publication of the mention of grant of a patent3530
additional fee for every page over 152
26Patent grant (paid in USD to the State Treasury)USD 100150
Maintaining a patent in force (annuities payment)***
1st – 2nd years 5060
3rd – 5th years 6080
6th – 8th years 120120
9th – 14th years 310120
15th – 20th years 550100
21th – 25th years**** 550100
Penalty for late payment of annuities 50%50
27Requesting a patent term extension (for pharmaceutical patents/ patents for plant or animal protection means)2580
28Introducing changes on the applicant's initiative to the State Register and Letter Patent12060
29Registering a License
first patent50150
each additional patent50100
30Registering an Assignment of Rights
first patent80150
each additional patent80100
31Introducing changes to a registered license or assignment contract5050
32Requesting an extract from the Register of Patents8040

* Where an International Search Report established by the competent International Search Authority is available, the fee is reduced by 30%. If a search report established by the Ukrainian Examining Authority no earlier than one month before the filing date is available, the examination fee is subject to a 50% reduction.

** Minimum fee.

*** The patent term is calculated from the filing date. No maintenance fees are required for pending applications. The first annuity for the current year of the patent term is due after publication of the mention of grant.

**** The term of a pharmaceutical patent or a patent for plant / animal protection means may be extended by 5 years.

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