Protection of Rights to Inventions

The following subject matters of an invention shall be patentable:

  • n a product (apparatus, substance, strain of microorganism, cell culture of plant and animal)
  • a process
  • use of a previously known product or process for a new indication

A patent of invention shall be granted for a period of 20 years, as well as 6 years from the date of filing with the Patent Office. The patent valid during 6 years from the filing date is named "declaratory patent" and is issued without the examination as to substance.

An invention meets the requirements of patentability if it is new, involves an inventive step and is capable of industrial application.

An application for the grant of a patent shall be made out in the Ukrainian language and shall contain the following:

  • request for the grant of a patent of Ukraine;
  • specification;
  • claims;
  • drawings (if any);
  • abstract.

On the expiry of eighteen months from the filing date, or from the priority date of an application for the grant of a patent of invention, the Patent Office publishes information on the application in the Official Bulletin.

A request for the examination may be filed within three years from the date of filing an application in Ukraine.

A patent is granted within one month after it has been registered in the State Register.

The rights derived from a patent enter into force from the date of publication of the mention of the grant of a patent in the Official Bulletin.

The grant of a patent shall be opposed in the court only.

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