COPYRIGHT.RU-Zeta Coproration

The company handles trademark registration, copyright protection and enforcement, patenting of inventions, utility models and design, licensing and litigation

Business area(s):
Patents, Trade Marks, Service Marks, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Licensing, Searches, Consultation, Representations With The Chamber Of Appeals, Intellectual Property Litigations, Translation Of Patent Documentation

Office address:
B.Bronnaya ul, building 6-A, of.419,
Second office: Gostinichny pr., building 6/2
Moscow, Moscow 123995
Russian Federation

Postal address:
Gostinichny pr., 6/2
Moscow, Moscow 127106
Russian Federation

Phone number(s):
+7(095) 101-2231 727-3829

Fax number(s):
+7(095) 203-3497 727-3773

Email address:
Sergey Verbitsky
Vasily Terletsky
Sergey Verbitsky

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