Agency Ludwig Ye. Chekhovtsov & Associates ( Eurasia Office)

National and International Patent and Trademark applications in Canada, Russia & EAPO, Bulgaria and Ukraine

Business area(s):
Patents, Trade Marks, Service Marks, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Searches, Consultation, Translation Of Patent Documentation

Office address:
Canada Office
89 Sandyshores Dr.
Brampton, Ontario L6R 2H3

Ukraine Office
17-23 Gertsen St., of.1
Kiev 04050 Ukraine

Bulgaria Office
36-B Lulakova St.
Sofia 1113 Bulgaria

Eurasia & Russia Office
4/2 Kutuzovsky Prospect, of.341
Moscow 121248
Russian Federation

Phone number(s):
+ 7 (095) 243-0931

Fax number(s):
+ 7 (095) 243-0931

Email address:
Ludwig Chekhovtsov
Mariya Djankov

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