Overseas Research & Consulting Ltd.

An International Law firm giving Turkish legal services for foreign investors and associates. Specialized in Intellectual Property area.

Business area(s):
Patents, Trade Marks, Service Marks, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Plant Varieties, Topographies Of Integrated Circuits, Licensing, Searches, Consultation, Representations With The Chamber Of Appeals, Intellectual Property Litigations, Translation Of Patent Documentation

Office address:
Tercuman Sitesi A4 Bl D:1
Istanbul 34780

Postal address:
Tercuman Sitesi A4 Bl. D:1
Istanbul 34780

Phone number(s):
+90212 546 30 03
+90212 510 96 51
+90212 679 18 40

Fax number(s):
+90212 546 04 89

Email address:
mustafa utkuseven overseas@ixir.com


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